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Through Bolt for Hydraulic Breaker

A hydraulic breaker is an important device used in demolition or construction projects. It is often attached to an excavator or road roller. As a critical part of the hydraulic breaker, the through bolt is used to tie together all major parts of breaker body. Perhaps from there it gets another name: tie rod.

Raw Material
Alloy steel is selected to construct the through bolt. This material is purchased from eligible suppliers within reach, whose distance from us falls within the range of 10km to 30km. Getting suppliers who are close to us reduces overall purchasing cost so that we can pass on more savings to customers.

The quality of finished through bolt relies much on the heat treating process which would give extra mechanical strength and extended service life to the bolt. Generally speaking, the life expectancy of our hydraulic breaker bolt exceeds that of others by 30% to 80%.

Staff and Facility
We invest in human resources. Training is the daily routine of senior engineers and technical experts. We also invest in state of the art equipment that pulls the workpiece through lathing, planing, milling, drilling, boring, and grinding stages as a seamless process. When you order from us, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the highest quality of tie rod made with the latest technologies.

We have received high recognition from well-known hydraulic breaker manufacturers and agents who represent construction project contractors. Our construction machinery parts are widely found in operation at a number of national construction or demolition sites.

Today, CHIXIN still holds the line on quality while trying to give ground on price. Our alloy steel bolt is widely installed on various makes and models of hydraulic breakers. We welcome customers to call for price quotations.

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