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Piston for Hydraulic Breaker

CHIXIN’s piston is specifically designed to fit in your hydraulic breaker cylinder. It is a common hydraulic machinery part that is widely seen at construction or demolition sites.

Not just known for our experience and expertise gained over a decade, CHIXIN has lots to offer to anyone who wants a high-quality alloy steel piston but refuses to pay a fair price. One thing we can help with is to cut down on transportation costs to you, as we are located in the seaport district of Ningbo City. Whether transporting raw materials to our job site or shipping out your ordered product, we make sure you reap most of the transportation cost savings.

Raw Material
We factor in two things when selecting raw material suppliers. Firstly, the supplier should provide the right material we want. Secondly, the eligible supplier is closest to us among others. Mechanically strong, highly hardenable and ductile, it’s no wonder 40Cr could be the material of choice when it comes to constructing hydraulic breaker attachments. Getting a supplier who is close to us helps us keep material transfer time within 50 minutes. Less travel time means less money spent in transportation.

The most recent development in raw material procurement is the introduction of GGr15 material. GGr15 can be hardened to a great depth after quenching which makes the material highly resistant to rupture. High-standard piston design ensures maximum precision and concentricity. The diameter of impact piston is the same as that of its matching hydraulic breaker chisel, which ensures maximum force transfer efficiency and an extended service life.

Over a decade of dedication to the hydraulic breaker parts industry allows us to build high quality pistons that deliver steady performance available only at an attractive price. This effort helps us secure a foothold in Chinese hydraulic breaker after-markets.

Piston Working Principle
  • Oil tank
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Upper compression ring of slide valve
  • Hydraulic Pilot Chamber
  • Low-Pressure Chamber
  • Motion-Reversing Chamber
  • High-Pressure Chamber
  • Lower Compression Ring
  • Cushion Chamber or Top Buffer
  • High-Pressure Chamber
  • Upper Compression Ring
  • Hydraulic Pilot Chamber
  • Hydraulic Oil Chamber
  • Motion-Reversing Chamber
  • Lower Compression Ring
  • Piston
  • Steel Chisel

Use the steel chisel to push up the piston to a position where the piston strikes the top of the chisel.

1. Piston Upward Stroke
Fig.1 shows the position where the piston strikes the top of the steel chisel. The flow-reversing chamber of the piston cylinder is connected to the high-pressure chamber of the slide valve. The size difference between top pressure-affected area and bottom pressure-affected area of the piston further leads to the reciprocation of piston inside the chamber.

Piston Cutaway View
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