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Bushing for Hydraulic Breaker

The bushing for hydraulic breakers comes in one of the two types according to the different positions where it is installed. It is either fitted around the breaker tool or used in hydraulic cylinders to protect the piston or tool bit from shock.

By using advanced NC machining center, a veteran staff of technicians works around the clock to control dimensions and quality of each and every construction machinery component. Chamfered edges and curves are cut precisely. The angle at which the inner bushing collides with the chisel is designed in strict accordance to the original factory-fitted part standards. A tight tolerance band ensures the extended service life and hammering performance of the hydraulic breaker.

Please note that the hydraulic breaker bushing is a consumable part. The advanced equipment and mature technologies we have used help eliminate specification errors which would have been likely to cause breakage.

Each bushing has undergone normalizing heat treatment to minimize internal stress and ensure wear resistance. Its quality is unrivaled among those made by well-known hydraulic breaker bushing manufacturers.

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