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Chisel for Hydraulic Breaker

It is interesting to note that professionals in Chinese hydraulic breaker industry tends to use the word chisel to refer to any type of what westerner call the demolition tool bit, demolition bit, hydraulic breaker tool, hydraulic hammer tool, or simply the tool.

CHIXIN is a dedicated precision machining and heat treating service provider. We invest in state of the art heat treating technologies which allow us to beat the competition on tool quality and win over customers.

Made of high-quality alloy steel, our chisel has undergone a series of precision machining and heat treating stages, resulting in a hardness level of HRC55 at the impacting point. High hardness ensures outstanding rock-breaking performance, excellent wear and rupture resistance, and an extended service life.

Our stringent quality management system ensures your product and service expectations are met in raw material selection, precision machining, heat treating, spray painting, packaging and delivery of each hydraulic hammer chisel. Special heat treatment helps us balance between hardness and ductility of our breaker tool.

Packaging Style

  • Cutaway View of Hydraulic Breaker Tool
  • Through Bolt
    Made of high-strength materials, the through bolt comes with an anti-loose design to protect against rupture.
  • Nitrogen Gas
    Nitrogen gas stored in the top buffer or cushion chamber serves to provide maximum absorption of piston recoil and store this energy for the next blow.
  • Control Valve
    Patented design allows the valve to precisely control the flow rate so that the breaker can always work at their best.
  • Rear Parts
  • Piston
    Built with special alloy steel, the piston undergoes through hardening process. High-standard design guarantees precision, concentricity and extended service life.

  • Cylinder
    High-strength steel is selected to construct this cylinder. Heat treatment increases its hardness and ductility. Compression rings at both ends provide a tight seal. All these features ensure the cylinder always operate in top form with minimized friction.
  • The cylinder also uses a hydraulic circuit for piston reciprocation. A special safety system is added to prevent idle blow.
  • Piston and Breaker Tool
    The piston has the same diameter as the chisel. This ensures best possible impacting energy transfer between the piston and the tool, improves breaking efficiency, and extends the use life. Long piston stoke reduces the risk of kickback.
    Types of tools for hydraulic breaker: moil point tool, blunt tool, chisel tool.
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