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Stop Pin for Hydraulic Breaker

The stop pin is similar in function to the tool pin, as both are used to hold the breaker tool in place and prevent it from coming off. Made of high quality steel, the stop pin has good tenacity.

By leveraging over a decade of experience, we are able to get each stop pin customized to the make and model of your hydraulic breakers. In addition, we stock a large number of hydraulic hammer attachments for some of the most commonly used demolition equipment.

Raw Material Selection
We bear two things in mind during material selection: quality and transportation cost. Taking those factors into consideration, we finally decide to pick from a nearby supplier 40Cr to construct our hydraulic hammer parts. Mechanically strong, harndenable, and highly ductile, it is no wonder 40Cr becomes the material of choice when it comes to the manufacture of tool retainers. Getting an eligible supplier who is close to us allows the raw material transfer to be as fast as within 50 minutes. Reduced transportation cost enables us to pass on more cost savings to customers.

Most hydraulic breaker retainers selling on the market are ordinary cold drawn parts. Unlike traditional hydraulic breaker parts makers, craftsmen at CHIXIN hammer out each part through a process known as forging. The forged component is then hardened and tempered to balance between hardness and ductility.

With advantages in raw material and manufacturing technologies, CHIXIN’s stop pin offers longer service life. Choosing a part that lasts longer means you cost less in the long run. Staffed with a number of senior engineers and technical experts, our facility is also outfitted with a complement of advanced equipment where daily routines are carried out, including lathing, planing, milling, drilling, boring, and grinding.

All finished hydraulic breaker parts fall in the tightest tolerance band for each dimension specified. This ensures a tight fit into your hydraulic breaker. If there is too much clearance between moving parts, it will cause parts to knock against each other, which might further leads to cylinder breakage.

If any of these standard parts does not appeal to you, customize your own solution and we will start production runs accordingly. Delivery is always in the shortest possible time. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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