Chixin Hydraulic Breaker Parts Factory

Add.: Hengxi Reservoir, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

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Picking a hydraulic breaker part can be a touch decision, as you have to deal with many different variables such as quality, price, service, and transportation. But do rest easy. One thing that CHIXIN can help with is offering the right components for most makes and models of your hydraulic breakers. Click on any stock parts in the menu immediately above, and you will discover a wide range of quality products such as the breaker tool, tool pin, stop pin, hydraulic cylinder, and piston, among various others.

Customers can find us in Ningbo, an industrial city on the east coast of China. The company is located within close proximity to one of Chinese largest deep water ports-Beilun Port. All our quality materials are sourced from nearby eligible suppliers. Whether it is transporting raw materials to our job site or shipping out your ordered products, we ensure you reap most of our transportation cost savings.

We at CHIXIN invest in state of the art manufacturing technologies. Our manufacturing complex is built on a 2.5-acre site and encompasses over 4000 square meters of space. This facility is outfitted with a complement of production and testing equipment where a series of machining work is done including lathing, milling, grinding, planing, stretching, drilling, and punching.

We invest in human resources as well. Our company is staffed with over 30 employees, who have hands-on experience in manufacturing hydraulic breaker tools, pistons, bushings, through bolts, and tool pins. Over the years, we've had our expertise and abilities well honed in areas of heat treating, forging, and manufacturing. Many well-known Chinese construction machinery manufacturers and dealers gradually learn to rely on us for long-term cooperation.

To compete in today's economy, we continue to maintain integrity in business which has earned us a reputation in demolition and construction industries. For us, honesty is an intangible asset. We treat every customer and every manufacturing process with true heart and great attention to details. When you order from us, you are assured of high quality services and products.

Fast, sincere, and inclusive are three words that best represent our service. For the coming decades, we will continue to listen to customers' suggestions, optimize our management, and serve customers wholeheartedly.