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Hydraulic breaker tools need to be tough and wear resistant, due to the high impact involved in the hammering applications. To ensure quality and mechanical strength, we only select top-of-the-line alloy steel and invest in advanced manufacturing technologies.

Customers often bargain for a number of mechanical properties of the breaker tool that are usually at odds with each other. A demolition tool with high tensile strength often lacks surface hardness. A hard tool is often brittle and easy to break apart. To satisfy all these properties and requirements, we have adopted a series of heat treatments.

Firstly, alloy steel is subjected to normalizing heat treatment to obtain a fine, uniform pearlitic microstructure. The purpose of this process is to give the steel high ductility, fatigue strength, rigidity, and elasticity. After the treatment, the steel is capable of maintaining a certain level of hardness at high temperatures and hold up to most wear and abrasive conditions. Using imported quench oil, the quenching process is progressively completed in several stages. The tempering process follows after quenching.

Cylinder (including the upper, middle, and lower chambers), Piston
The development of hydraulic breaker cylinder is nothing short of years of research and innovation efforts. Made of high quality alloy steel, both our piston and cylinder are constructed using special heat treatments. Traditional method of heat treating steel involves carburizing, quenching, and tempering. Based on this conventional method, we have made improvements to it so that the resulting cylinder can have great wear resistance, fatigue strength, and longevity.